Mountain Lion Hunting

The outlook for 2017 mountain lion hunting looks to be promising, with numbers of big cats up throughout the state. One things hunters must consider is the required mountain lion certificate of education. A mountain lion education certificate must be obtained, and held on person at all times while hunting these big game animals. Not carrying this certificate on person while actively hunting mountain lion can result in a fine and/or revocation of hunting privileges. In order to obtain a certificate, one must pass an exam and present the necessary materials in order for a certificate to be granted. Hunters must also call the mountain lion hotline prior to any outing. The numbers of mountain lions harvested are closely monitored in each game management unit, therefore hunters must call to make sure an area they intend to hunt has not recently received its quota and been closed. When harvest limits are reached, different game management units will be closed to hunting. Hunting in an area which has been closed is a legal. In order to determine the age of any taken mountain lion, the wildlife division asks hunters to extract a small to in the animals upper jaw. This is used to estimate the age of the mountain lion, and will help with the conservation efforts and management decisions that promise a healthy population of mountain lions in the state in upcoming years.

Hunt Early To Take Advantage Of The Season Before It Closes Due To Met Quotas

As a general rule, the number of mountain lion licenses sold for each season has no real limit. Instead, each hunting areas is highly regulated and closed when the target harvest is reached. This is why it’s crucial for hunters to call in prior to leaving on any mountain lion hunt. The overall population of mountain lions is still up in the air given a lack of information and real solid census numbers. Because of this it is difficult to determine exactly how many lions should be harvested each year. This results in a relatively conservative harvest number set aside for each years hunting seasons. Harvest limits are rarely reached in most management units, and this tends to provide an ongoing opportunity for hunters during the mountain lion season. Although some of the more heavily populated units to reach harvest limits almost every season, and hunting in these areas must be done with great concern for early closures.